GS Composite Carbon Gangways

With the numerous testing's and searching for operation designed to insure the safety for it's users GS Composite has over the years developed perfect structure hi-tech ultra light and resistant carbon gangway. Gangways are an innovation in the nautical area, as they are the first gangways, which are manufactured by VARTM system. It is a unique manufacturing technology enables the gangways are extremely lightweight and the construction is extremely solid. It can not only be competitive by it's revolutionary elements but also from design aspect, that is combined with classic curved shape on the top of the gangway and the sharp edged modern design on the bottom of gangway.​

Gangway models

Choosing the right gangway is simple, because we offer carbon gangways from 200 cm and up to 320 cm. Different models offers diversity so picking the right gangway is easy. All models are made entirely from carbon fiber and have non slip finish on walking surface, certified for nautical industry. 

Full Carbon

Model Full carbon is ideal for boats owners who appreciate quality and technical perfection. The basic white color of the gangway assures protection against long sun exposure. The Full Carbon model can be produced in any color, enabling the gangway and the boat to be fully matching.

GALLERY - full carbon model



Dark Blue Line

Dark blue gangway is version of model Full carbon with added dark blue pigment in production process. Gangway with added pigment is proof on scratches. This line suits perfectly to all dark blue boats.

GALLERY - dark blue line



Prestige Carbon

Model Prestige carbon will satisfy even the most demanding boat owners who appreciate not only quality, but also high design. Visible carbon fiber on the full surface gives an exquisite look of a technically completed gangway. The gangway is coated with a special transparent UV resistant finish, protecting the gangway from UV radiation or sea damage.
GALLERY - prestige carbon model



Carbon Look

Carbon look gangway is combination of two models. Visible carbon fiber on the top of the gangway gives exquisite look of a name and design in carbon fibers. Bottom of the gangway is in white color.  

GALLERY - Carbon Look Model



Custom Color Gangways

Basic model Full carbon can be made in any RAL color so gangway becomes unique and it can be perfectly matched with the boat. This model is ideal for boat owners who appreciate quality and technical perfection.

GALLERY - Custom Color Gangways


Carbon Gangways With Teak

Carbon gangway can be customized with teak on the surface. There can also be the name of the boat or logo added on teak. Caulking is normally grey, but we can make it also in white color enabling the gangway and the boat to be fully matching.

GALLERY - Gangways with teak




Carbon gangway Teak look 

The teak look model is ideal for boat owners who like teak, but they don't like its weight. Model Teak look looks like it has teak on a walking surface, but it is non slip finish in brown color. It doesn't add any weight on the carbon gangway and it is non slippery. Design can be customised, so it matches perfectly with the boat.

GALLERY - teak look



Technical data


Length: 220 cm 260 cm 260 cm 320 cm
Width: 35 cm 35 cm 45 cm 45 cm
Type: foldable   foldable   foldable   foldable  
Weight: 8 kg 9 kg 14,5 kg 16,5 kg
Static load capacity: 250 kg 300 kg 300 kg 300 kg